Pep is a recent graduate who has dedicated his time and efforts to pursuing a career in the creative industries. Pep enrolled in a BA (Hons) Film & Media program at Queen Margaret University, where he honed his skills in editing and colour grading. Through his studies, Pep gained a comprehensive understanding of the film and moving image industry, preparing him for the multifaceted demands of the market. Before his university education, Pep embarked on a journey in photography. He attended an analogue photography course in Mexico (2001), establishing a solid foundation in film photography. This led him to pursue a degree in photography and digital creation at CITM (2009), where he acquired valuable knowledge in areas such as visual communication, artistic photography, and photojournalism. 

Motivated by a desire to explore new opportunities, Pep decided to move to the UK in 2015, seeking a better life and expanded audio-visual expertise. After completing his studies, Pep's dedication paid off, and he secured a position as a Junior Online Editor/Flame Artist at FREAKWORKS. This role allows him to apply his skills and passion for editing and visual effects, contributing to the creative process in the post-production phase. Pep's journey exemplifies his resilience and determination to thrive in the creative industries. With his newfound position at FREAKWORKS, he eagerly embraces the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, confident that his skills and experiences will contribute to his long-term success in the industry. 



Junior Online Editor / Flame Artist 

May 2023 – Present 


Contributing Photographer 

Jun 2016 - Present 


Freelance Photographer 

2010 - Present 


Photographer at Diari de Terrassa. 

2013 - 2015 

Please find more of my images here:

Stock photography by Pep Masip on Alamy